Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Finland - Seikkaillaan! (Let's go on an adventure!)

This is the video from Finland!

We are taking you on a tour around Mäntsälä, which is a small town in Southern Finland. We have many villages here and almost all of them have their own primary school.

The song is about having an adventure, loving your home town, but also visiting places outside of it.

The video was made at Riihenmäki school mostly by our 4th graders. It was filmed and edited by our Scottish student teacher, so this was a true form of co-operation between European countries!

Good luck, everyone! We hope you will love our video!

(Edit. We realized, when wathing our own video on big screen, how blurry it looked. We've downloaded a more clear version to Youtube now. If it is ok, watch it, if you still haven't watched our song!)

This is the one we embeded here last week: 


This is the same video, but better quality:


  1. It is nice to get to see the different schools in your town.

  2. Thank you! The kids who planted the song and the video wanted to show you all different kinds of Finnish schools.

  3. Cool boys singing, cool girls dancing - a very happy and informative combination!
    Good luck!

  4. Good dancing and a beautiful song. Good luck!

  5. A very happy song which wants you want to visit your country very much!

    Good luck from Malta!

  6. A fantastic creative effort from Finland with a hint of Scotland. Loved it.
    Go Suomi!

  7. Fréderique from Belgium15 May 2019 at 22:11

    heel mooi gefilmd.