Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Slovakia - Leto

No message but singing, dancing and joy!
These girls look forward to the summer so much that they had to make a song about it.
And they really did most of the work themselves.
Enjoy and if not shy sing along :-)

Leto, ó leto
Najlepší kamarát si náš
A preto, ó preto
Zostaň celý rok u nás!

You can find the whole text and rough English translation on Youtube.


  1. Perfektní video a skvělý čistý zpěv. Zdravíme z České republiky....👍

  2. What a lovely song! It makes me yearn for summer, too. And judging from the video impressions, your place looks like a good travel destination at that time of year.

  3. Can´t wait for the beginning of summer when we watch your sparky video:)
    Good luck!

  4. Steffen we feel like you. The place can be a very good destination. They 've go a lovely summer. Good song and good luck!

  5. Lovely song and lovely country.

    Good luck from Malta!

  6. Thank you for this happy tune and the great impressions of your place. Now I am ready for summer too.

  7. Cool music and nice singing (Adelina and Bulat from Russia).
    We're looking forward to the summer too!

  8. Grade 2 yelabuga15 May 2019 at 10:36

    We love the acting and singing