Thursday, 9 May 2019

Croatia - Days

Hello from Virje, Croatia!
Our song is call Days
Here is translate to English


Days, days 
Can they be like dreams, 
Can this world be beautiful 
Can everybody find happiness? 
Joy, love 
Are not small things, 
So remember, 
What you give, you get in return. 
The one who is good is never alone- we know this since forever,
Everybody will find a friend- both big and little.


  1. Mrs Boydon from Leicester England9 May 2019 at 21:54

    I love your video - you've managed to have a lot of fun and include so many children! It's lovely seeing all the different places in your school and all the different activities you get up to.
    And your choir and orchestra sound wonderful.
    Good luck in the voting!

  2. Beautiful singing!
    And very good acting from the main singer.

    I was about to ask what the song was about.
    Thanks for adding the lyrics!

  3. Naša djeca obožavaju ovu pjesmu, iako je pjevamo u drugačijem aranžmanu. Super izbor i odlično zvučite!

  4. Your song has a very nice tune and it was great to see your school.

    Good luck from Estonia!

  5. Hi Croatia,

    Great that you show us a how your school looks like! A nice traditional song!

    One question: what is the man with the headphones in the middle of the video excactly doing?

    Dave from Belgium

  6. This man is our music teacher and listening to recorded material

  7. I also want an apple... Karim from Russia

  8. Wow! So many sports Adelina from Russia

  9. dats very nace

  10. You might've come 2nd in the world cup. But we enjoyed in wales. Better luck next year! From Harry in wales.