Thursday, 9 May 2019

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Djeca su ukras svijeta

This song is originally called "Deca su ukras sveta" and it's about children who make our world more beautiful. It celebrates childhood, and this is what we love the most because our children are 3-6 years old.
The children are the stars, but the song is also about love and spring. We planted some flowers to share our love to nature, our country.
Also, the children were wearing regional costumes to show our appreciation of heritage. They were wearing daisies costumes to show the connection to the song not only with words, our kindergarten is called "Daisy" :).
This video-making was a real challenge with so young participants.


  1. What a brilliant video quality!
    And a very nice song on top.
    Well done!

    1. Thank you Steffen! Also, thanks for all the instructions and guidelines!

  2. Your are so cute and I love this part of the video where you are wearing national costumes:)

    Good luck from Estonia!

  3. Hi Bosnia and Herzegovina,

    Although your pupils are between 3-6 years, they already make great singers and actors!

    A nice song, well sung and nice to see the surroundings of your school! It gives us an impression on what Bosnia and Herzegovina looks like!

    Thanks for sharing this video with us!

    Dave from Belgium

  4. Nice song! Na mlađima svijet ostaje i svi koji su radili na ovoj pjesmi su pravi ukras svijeta!

  5. Your voices are so lovely and it's a good idea to use a sign language Vika from Russia

  6. Nice song.... liked the costumes and the melody :) Good Luck from Malta

  7. Great actors!
    Good luck from Ukraine!

  8. Well don we liked your song