Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The Czech Republic - Abeceda

Do you know the Czech alphabet?
Do you need someone to teach them to you?

You are lucky, because children from  primary school HUSTOPEČE are going to do.
Let’ s play some activities with us. The alphabet is so much FUN!

Let’ s go! Next time sing with us.

Chorus: The alphabet, it is science, you simply can’t live without it.
One letter is nothing, It gets lost in an instant.


  1. You are perfect as usual. Your song is a real learning material. Everybody can learn Czech alphabet and compare it with theirs.

    Good luck from Estonia

  2. I like that you present your alphabet.You explained it very well.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Moc hezké a originální! (Teri) Veľmi pekné zábery v telocvični, to muselo dať veľa roboty :-)(David) Good job!

  4. Your have a very imaginative song and video. It is very funny.It is very well done.Your kids paint very good. Good luck!

  5. A great lovely entry which reminds us all of the beauty of languages which can all be understood with the power of music.

    Good luck from Malta!

  6. balla canzone e bellissima e anche la scenetta In bocca a lupo :)

  7. Balla canzone, e bellissima e anche la scenetta. In bocca a lupo :)
    Giulia Italy

  8. Beautiful painting of the letters, Daniel
    Sinai said that he liked the heart
    Abigail likes the song
    Johnatan like the fact that your letters are the same as in England

  9. Great flossing (Mansur from Russia)

  10. Just an amazing song. It is very catchy and it is easy to sing along to. Abeceda is now my favorite song ever!
    From Wales.

  11. I liked The ABC song